When deciding which inbreeding management tool, WMS or IMAGE, is the best fit for your herd, the following points are important factors for consideration:

Producers may opt for WMS when:

  • You follow individual matings with individual breeding recommendations
  • You have accurate parentage data for each cow in your herd
  • You identify the parentage of all offspring

Benefits of mating with WMS include:

  • Provides a genetic consultation for sire selection
  • Provides the value of individual matings for each animal
  • Genomic testing files can be utilized with WMS to design a mating program based on genomic data
  • Protects against inbreeding, recessives and haplotypes
  • Saves time in daily herd management, keeping your breeding program moving forward
  • Helps you plan and monitor semen inventory and track genetic progress
  • Encourages parentage verification
  • WMS was designed for herds who wish to make genetic progress one specialized mating at a time.

Producers should choose IMAGE when:

  • You prefer utilizing population genetics rather than individual animal matings
  • Individual animal pedigree identification of each animal is not part of your past/current management system
  • Your current management system and/or breeding program make it difficult to implement individual animal mating recommendations
  • Controlling inbreeding through population genetics is important to you

Benefits of Mating with IMAGE:

  • Flexible herd data requirements: can use previous sire usage or any available pedigree information
  • Effective tool to manage and reduce inbreeding
  • Works well in herds utilizing a synchronization protocol
  • Specifically designed to allow herds to mass breed in a limited time frame