World Wide Indexes: Meeting Dairymen's Needs the World Over

WWS recognizes that dairymen use different criteria to select service sires, based on their own economic and breeding philosophy goals. WWS has created 6 unique indexes to help farmers refine their selection of bulls from the WWS’ portfolio to best meet their breeding objectives. In addition, WWS has developed a customized index option. This tool offers breeding enthusiasts the opportunity to select the criteria they value and identify WWS bulls that best meet their breeding objectives.

Create Your Own Index

My Index is designed for the breeding enthusiast, the dairyman that wished to create an index based on the specific traits that apply to his breeding philosophy and management system. Users may select one of the existing indexes and customize the traits and emphasis placed on them, or may create their own index entirely, to identify WWS’ bull that best meet their selection criteria.

High Type Index

Focused on high type, feet and legs, udders, and stature to recognize sires of show champions.

High Production Index

This index recognizes the bulls that sire high production of milk, fat, and protein along with functional type.

Component Index

An index for breeders interested in maximizing the protein and total milk solids content of the high quality milk their cows produce

Balanced Index

For the commercial breeder, this index identifies bulls that provide the desirable balance of type and production.

Grazing Index

Designed for producers that utilize an intensive grazing system, this index identifies sires that will perform efficiently on pasture with emphasis on medium-sized cows, high milk components and excellent fertility.