FeedPRO optimizes the selection for increased production and moderate body size while maintaining body condition score and daughter fertility. This revolutionary index designates sires with the genetics to improve income over feed costs and maintain health and reproductive traits.

GrazingPRO® Index

World Wide Sires’ GrazingPRO sires are selected to improve the profitability of grassbased production systems by transmitting greater longevity, better mobility, moderate stature, improved component yields, and superior production - all while not compromising fitness traits such as Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and Somatic Cell Score (SCS).


World Wide Sires has identified sires that transmit the desired traits for robotic milking systems. These sires were selected by focusing on component and milk yield, milk quality, udder health as well as functional udder traits. Use these sires to create the next generation of profitable cows for your specific milking system.


GForce indicates sires with elite genetic evaluations based on a combination of traditional pedigree data and genomic data, but does not contain actual daughter data. This combination of data increases the reliability of a young sire’s genetic prediction prior to the availability of actual daughter data.

GForce +

The GForce+ lineup includes genomic young sires selected based on rigid semen quality standards and their high-ranking Sire Conception Rate (SCR) from progeny test semen usage. GForce+ sires must have outstanding genetic merit, a highly reliable sire stack and actual calving ease observations.

Progeny Proven

If you want the most reliable sires available for your breed-ing program, look for the Progeny Proven icon. The icon designates sires with an evaluation based on both genomic data and actual daughter performance data.


The FertilityPRO designation identifies sires with semen that will likely improve pregnancy rates. This designation is assigned by examining industry service sire conception rate values, along with intensive in-house semen quality evaluations.

Elite Sexed Fertility

The Elite Sexed Fertility icon designates sires that can help you achieve the highest sex-sorted semen conception rates, enhancing your return on investment! This innovative designation distinguishes our highest performing sires for sex-sorted semen in both 2M and 4M products.


Sires earn the Showcase designation through outstanding breed-leading Type or show-winning pedigrees. Turn to this designation to produce your next show winner or improve the overall type in your herd.


NxGEN® is a membership program used to expedite the distribution of elite genetics from the World Wide Sires/Select Sires breeding program into the marketplace. NxGEN has been developed to continue protecting World Wide Sires/Select Sires’ ongoing investments for the long-term benefit of our member patrons.   More...