World Wide Sires: Helping Farmers Reach Genetic Excellence for 45 Years

Who We Are

World Wide Sires (WWS) was founded in 1971 by Bill Clark, California dairyman and breeder of Cal-Clark Board Chairman (sire of Blackstar). Mr. Clark’s passion for cows and international people grew into a global business that has become a household name for farmers around the world.

In 2001, WWS was purchased by American A.I. Cooperatives, Select Sires and Accelerated Genetics. Through these two organizations, and more than 51,000 farmer owners, WWS delivers industry leading genetics to over 80 countries worldwide.

The passion for cows and people that created WWS continues, connecting the World Wide Sires Family of distributors, sales teams and valued customers.

What We Do

WWS offers customers an unparalleled line-up with bulls excelling in TPI, Production, Management Traits, Fertility and Type. We place emphasis on quality and quantity, as we offer a large selection of bulls that are consistently rising to the top.

In 2014, the WWS global network sold 19 million doses of semen. Our reliable genetics are the result of the world’s largest progeny test program, as WWS sampled a total of 523 sires in 2013.

The world’s best product also comes with the world’s best service. Our customers and their success are our highest priority.

Why WWS?

Simply put, WWS delivers. We provide profitable genetics, superior customer service and a dedicated team to ensure your herd’s success.

We deliver

  • A deep product base with 216 Active Daughter Proven Sires and 283 Genomic Young Sires
  • The Top 6 TPI Sires and their elite sons
  • Industry leading fertility with more bulls over +1.5 SCR than any other stud
  • The world’s largest and most successful mating program: The World Wide Mating Service (WMS)
  • A state-of-the-art Global Training Center with experienced staff and a hands-on dairy management program